According to GDPR, you as a customer must know what Fotograf Claes Lofgren/ Imagedesk (White Balance AB) saves for information about you.

The data stored is password protected, the data is not disclosed to anyone else and can only be read by Fotograf Claes Lofgren and Imagedesk (White Balance AB).

You may at any time request or choose to delete your data stored digitally on this site.

The saved data is required to be able to track the history of purchased images.

All billing takes place in another system and invoice information is stored in accordance with the Accounting Act.

 Regarding cookies

 On this site we have two sources of cookies;

 - The service itself to provide the visitor with a functional website.

- Google Analytics for measuring visitor statistics.

 Types of cookies

There are two types of cookies, permanent and session cookies. The permanent ones are stored for a longer period while session cookies are used on the individual visit and disappear when you close the browser. In the browser you can configure how cookies can be managed by the website. If you disable cookies, then the site will work poorly. 

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